Supporting schools in developing a rich curriculum

The North West Learning Partnership would like to offer all primary schools the chance to attend the following curriculum design workshops.

Focus: Building a rich curriculum that meets the needs of your setting.

The workshops are being facilitated by Debra Kidd. 

About Debra…

Debra trained as an English and Drama teacher, and have worked with every age group from nursery through to Post Graduate and still enjoy working with teachers and children every day. She has written a number of books; these include: Notes from the Frontline published in 2014. Followed by “Becoming Mobius: The Complex Matter of Education” was published in 2015.  A third, Uncharted Territories – Great Adventures in Learning was co-authored with Hywel Roberts in 2018 while consuming large amounts of cake. She is the co-founder of Northern Rocks.

Debra has one mantra for learning and that is ‘Make it Matter.’

Debra says’: ‘Not a single piece of knowledge that mankind has ever acquired came without a desire to know the answer to a question. We have to give children the impetus to want to know, to understand the imperative that drove the discovery – the story behind the glory. When I plan I ask myself ‘who in the world would need to know that?’ and we start there – with the need to know’.

The workshops will take place across 2 consecutive dates and are aimed at whole school participation.

Day 1-

Wednesday 16th October-

SLT briefing (9-12 noon)

EYFS practitioners (1-4pm)

Thursday 17th October-

KS1 session (9-12 noon)

KS2 session (1-4pm)

Venue: St Helens Hotel, Mercure St Helens, Linkway West, St Helens, WA10 1NG.

Cost: £250 per school for the two days. This will include: planning, preparation delivery, all course materials, tea/coffee and biscuits.

Schools are encouraged to send one representative for each session. It is hoped that by the end of the two days schools will have reviewed, evaluated, created and/or developed a rich curriculum that meets the needs of the individual settings.

To book at place please contact: Paula Foster please indicate the school name and the names of staff attending each session. Many thanks in advance.

What schools have said about Debra

“We are beginning a journey into a systematic change of curriculum and pedagogy across our whole country. The days our teachers have spent with Debra Kidd have shown that it is pedagogically possible for our students to have a learning experience that enables them to not only view the world in a different way, but to have the knowledge and confidence to shape the world they inherit.”

“Debra came in and taught our children and it was an absolute master class on every level – vocabulary, knowledge, creativity and problem solving – brilliant!”

Truly inspiring!

We are looking forward to welcoming Debra!