Mental Health and Well Being Package

It was great to see so many of you attend the North West Learning Partnership Mental Health and Well Being Conference recently.  Feedback from the day was overwhelmingly positive.

Please see attached the Mental Health and Well Being Package that we discussed in association with Leeds Beckett University- Carnegie School of Education and Minds Ahead. 

The programme includes: 

  • 8 face to face training sessions and ongoing support for Governors, Senior leads, middle managers and pastoral leads. 
  • Termly network support meetings for the designated officer and/or your pastoral lead. 
  • Yoga sessions for children and staff. 
  • Dedicated and ongoing support to achieve the Schools Mental Health award. 

The programme starts on: 

Autumn – Tuesday 10th December 2019 @ 1-3pm with the first network meeting.

The programme lasts 12 months, please see dates of all events in the flyer attached.

The total cost of the full programme including all delivery, course materials, refreshments and ongoing support is: £1,000    (10% discount for all North West Learning Partnership Network Members)

To book a place on the programme please contact: Paula Foster- 

To find out more please don’t hesitate in contacting myself or Linda Smith (SLE)

For additional one-off training sessions linked to Mental Health and Well Being please see the brochure attached.