NWLP- November and December training opportunities

We hope that you have had a well-earned rest during the 1/2 term break, ready to take on whatever the next 1/2 term brings!

As you will all agree, continuing to offer high quality professional development for your valued members of staff is essential, even more so given the current climate, to ensure children continue to receive the very best/most up to date education.

With this in mind, we are offering the following throughout this term – ALL training will be ONLINE and adapted accordingly to ensure staff continue to access training with safety being a priority.


Moderation and Standardisation for Y2 and Y6 – 24th and 25th November (follow up sessions will take place in March 2021)
This has never been so important to ensure children are on track and to identify gaps and create opportunities to fill them!

Excellent Maths Teacher Programme – Day 2: 16th November (there is still chance to join this programme, now we are online numbers are no longer capped).
Day 1 session materials and notes will be provided for late starters.


Excellent English Teacher Programme – Day 2: Wednesday 2nd December (there is still chance to join this programme, now we are online numbers are no longer capped).
Day 1 session materials and notes will be provided for late starters.

Dyslexia Intervention Package – Friday 13th November.
Focus: A working understanding as to why pupils present dyslexic tenancies, how these learning barriers impact teaching and learning and how quality first teaching strategies in the classroom can support pupils in overcoming these learning barriers will be explored. Relevant strategies for intervention, including memory and cognition, will be examined and how these can be applied to IEPs and EHCs.
Target audience: SENDCos, SLT or staff working with pupils with Dyslexic tendencies

Health and Well Being Network – Thursday 19th November

EYFS Leadership Network – Monday 23rd November

School Business Managers Network – Thursday 26th November

Computing Subject Leaders Network – Tuesday 8th December

Geography training – Development of Mapping Skills Across the Curriculum – NEW – Thursday 19th November
Focus: The session will explore a range of creative practical tasks designed to engage and develop pupils’ mapping skills
both inside and outside the classroom. Skills progression, alongside lesson sequencing, across the primary phase
will be modelled and discussed to allow subject leaders to consider how mapping is taught in their unique setting.
The session will prompt teachers to think critically about change and what is possible, probable and preferable at
a variety of scales.
Facilitator: Jon Cannell – Geographical Association

Science training – Investigating Science and Overcoming barriers – NEW – Thursday 3rd December

Day 1 Focus:

  • Increasing the amount and quality of investigative science
  • Identifying barriers to effective primary science teaching and working to overcome them
  • Facilitator: Kate Redhead, Primary Science Teaching Trust Regional trainer

History: Enquiry and Using Historical Sources – NEW Tuesday 8th December


The enquiry approach – what it is and why we should teach using it!

  • An outline of what the enquiry approach is How and why it should be used through school. Approaches and considerations.

Chronology – the fundamental building block!

  • Chronology at the centre of our teaching
  • What timelines should look like through school
  • Why there is more to it than just sequencing
  • Practical hands on activities

Historical Sources – more than just pottery and pictures

  • Where they sit in the sequence of learning
  • Balancing text, replicas and googling
  • The importance of conclusions
  • Practical applications

Facilitator: Stuart Tiffany – Historical association


As you can see, we are once again offering a wide range of themes for this term, something for everyone!

For further information on the programmes listed above, or to find out about Spring 2021 opportunities then please see the brochure attached.

Online sessions will be delivered on the dates stipulated above. Timings will be altered slightly. These will be communicated to you once you have booked a place.
All materials will be sent out after the event to delegates that register and attend the Zoom meeting.

Cost: 10% online discount for ALL delegates; NWLP members also receive a further 25% off, as usual!

Once registered with Paula Foster- paula.foster@three-saints.org.uk ‘zoom’ invites will be sent to the contact on the booking.
Please note Paula Foster does not work Fridays.
Please copy Sarah Makin- sarah.makin@three-saints.org.uk into the booking if requesting a reply before Monday.

Many thanks in advance.

We look forward to seeing you ‘virtually’ 🙂